Please read the rules, regulations and general posting etiquette

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Please read the rules, regulations and general posting etiquette

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:03 pm

Post Information

1. Exposed naked photos is strictly prohibited

2. All published photos should be included in a topic, in order to avoid spammer suspicion,

3. Any type of advertising link / ads is prohibited in this area.

4. Offenders will be penalized and warned

5. Each published post / thread is the author's personal opinion only, which did not have any relationship with [World Stewardess Boards].

6. Moderators have the right to remove or delete any posting, members may not challenge

Reply information

1. Replies are focus on personal opinion issued after the reading, please do not cheating for earning points

2. The following reply is generally banned
A) Random typeing [such as: qwerqwerqwer, i see i see, cccccccccc ...]
B) to form a substantial pattern / graphic of symbols and texts
C) only Emoticons Very Happy Smile Sad Surprised Shocked Cool Laughing Mad Razz Embarassed
D) copy someone else's reply

3. The offenders will be warned or p depending on the situation, repeat offenders may be canceled the membership. Please behalf yourself

4. Do not insulting other members


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